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Gagnons Gone RVing: The Trip of a Lifetime

It’s been a long time comin’. Over two years to be exact. And in approximately 79 days (but who’s counting?!), our family is embarking on a “bucket list” road trip. 8 weeks. 6,284 miles. 131 hours of drive time. 25 National Parks between the United States and Canada. And - wait for it - our family of six will be making this epic journey in an RV.  I’ve always had a passion for showing my kids our country. A sense of responsibility of sorts that they will see and experience the natural beauty of our land, which at times I believe is lost on them in the hustle and bustle of daily life in the ‘burbs. As much as we try to squeeze in family hikes and local outdoor exploration, it is often a challenge in the shuffle of homework, sports practices, family commitments, and all of the other little things that fill our days. To breathe in the fresh air; to experience what it’s truly like to be dwarfed by the sheer size and grandeur of rocks, caverns, and trees; to find treasure in anima