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Baby Steps: How planning an 8-week RV trip took 18 months

Planning our 8-week summer RV escapade has been a labor of love. There were times that I wanted to walk away, times that I couldn’t see straight, and other times that I felt seriously giddy envisioning daydreams coming to life as the pieces of our plan came together. One of our dear friends gifted us a copy of RV Vacations For Dummies, and trust me, we needed the help. Around 2 years ago, I started polling our family. Pie in the sky, where would we go if we could go anywhere? With National Parks largely dictating our journey, our family began to put together a punch list of the places we were each hoping to visit. Brady had been dying to visit Yellowstone; Hayden, Arches; Grace, Yellowstone and the Utah Parks; and Justin, the Grand Canyon, which I was surprised to learn he had never visited at age 40. Quinn, typical fourth child, just said he would go “where anyone else wanted to go.” I had always dreamed of visiting Glacier, Banff, and Lake Louise, and longed to venture into