3 Nights in Zion National Park

3 Nights in Zion National Park

We spent three nights in Zion, and all just loved it.  It was refreshing to have a longer stay in one place, after a lot of moving around for the first 4 nights.  Our home in Zion was at the Watchman Campground, located right inside the park, just a five minute walk to the Visitor Center, park shuttles, and the town of Springdale.  It was SUPER easy in terms of logistics, and we loved not having to move the RV during our stay.  

Highlights of our three night stay in Zion National Park

-Arriving in the evening our first night, and christening our campsite by roasting s’mores and telling ghost stories by the campfire.  We had purchased the “campfire ghost stories book” at the Grand Canyon and it MAY have been a little too scary.  The kids shrugged it off, but the stories even scared me! Drinking coffee, eating dinner, drawing, playing games, hanging out and playing football at our campsite.  BEST BACKDROP!

-First Day hike to the Grotto and Lower Emerald Pool.  Hayden may or may not have identified four different species of lizards on the hike.  I especially enjoyed the waterfall on my head once we reached the Pool.

-Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint - Named after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Watching Grace take 100 photos of plants and flowers - her favorite hobby lately.

A deer...so close!

-Picnic on the lawn of the Zion Lodge, and the kids working on their Junior Ranger books.

-Visit to the Zion Museum for a 20 minute video about the park.

-Bike ride with the kids, with a stop in the town of Springdale for ice cream.  Quinn LOVING his wheelie bike.

-Late night fireside talk with Justin.

-Getting up at 5:15am to hike Angel’s Landing.  I didn’t sleep well the night before, as I was so nervous, and not sure I wanted to go through with it, knowing how high and treacherous it was.  However, it was my 39th Birthday, and I knew it would be a great way to start my year.  The hike was the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done (aside from having my first baby!), and included scampering up the side of a 1500 foot rock and holding on (for dear life!) to some chains.  My heart was literally beating out of my chest during several points of the ascent, but I reached the top (after almost turning around upon seeing the summit climb ahead), and soaked in the view.  It was an incredible spot to reflect on the past year, and think about some intentions for the year ahead.  I’m so glad I did it, and my legs are still aching.

-Returning home from my hike to hugs and homemade Birthday cards from the kids.  Making breakfast together (the hike took me less than 3 hours, and I got home a half hour after they awoke!), and heading out to hike the Riverside Walk.  This hike followed the Virgin River, the river that carved Zion, and the kids had a blast skipping rocks and playing in the water along the way.  The hike into the Narrows was closed that day, but we were able to see the point at which that trail began - J and I would love to return someday to do that hike together!  On our hike, Hayden counted squirrels (the squirrels in Zion like to get WAY too close in my opinion!), and Grace and Quinn held hands almost the entire way.  It was our first hike without any complaints from any of the kids - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

-Birthday dinner in Springdale at the Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon.  Great mexican food, and I even got to blow out a candle on my ice cream!

-Early Departure for Bryce on the Scenic Highway, which included traveling through a multi-mile tunnel through the rock.  Stop at Checkerboard Mesa - Gorgeous!

Onward to Bryce Canyon, our home for the next two nights!


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