Black Hills, South Dakota to Buffalo, Wyoming

Black Hills, South Dakota to Buffalo, Wyoming

After visiting Mount Rushmore, our family took advantage of some good old downtime in the Black Hills.  We had a blast riding an alpine coaster, speeding insanely fast down the mountainside.  I was literally belly-laughing the entire way down, Quinn holding my legs in a death grip.  Such great fun together.

Then the kids completed a ropes course.  Justin, (aka “Cinco”) wasn’t one to miss the fun, and did it with them.  Quinn was really apprehensive, but eventually warmed up, and the big kids CRUSHED the course.

A quick stop for a Dairy Queen Blizzard followed...

Then, we departed for Wyoming.  On our way to Wyoming, we stopped at Devil’s Tower, the United States’ first National Monument.  It wasn’t what we expected upon getting a close look, totally greenish in color and with the sharpest edges.  Justin and I were so glad we made it there!

We saw the most amazing prairie there also, FULL of prairie dogs.  They are so fun to watch, and I seriously think Hayden wants to take some home with him.

A few hours later, after a BREATHTAKING drive, we arrived in Buffalo, Wyoming, our home for the night.


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