Denver Sanity Check

Denver Sanity Check

We arrived in Denver late Tuesday evening, pulling into town later than planned after getting lost in the Fiery Furnace of Arches that morning - I mean, after our hike in the Fiery Furnace that morning.  LOL.  I had plans to meet up with two dear friends from Notre Dame for a comedy show that night, and didn’t think I’d make it.  But, Justin was determined to make it happen for me, and got me there only about 15 minutes late.  I hadn’t had time to shower, so I used some wipes to clean the bug spray and sunscreen and sweat off my body, risked life and limb climbing into the back of the RV to find some non-athletic clean clothes, and changed quickly.  Then, while trying to make a sandwich in my seat for dinner, the bottle of mayonnaise exploded all over said outfit.  Luckily, I have the BEST friends, and they told me to “just come,” so I did.  We had a great time laughing for a few hours, and it was just a welcome break from life on the road to spend some time with them.

We stayed in Denver with our dear friend, Jodi, who was so amazingly gracious to open her brand-new home to us.  We slept  in that morning, and, man, did we need it!  She made homemade french toast for breakfast, and the kids were immediately smitten (which we knew they would be).  

We packed up for the day, and Justin dropped the kids and I off with my dear friend, Sarah Roark, and her darling kids.  We spent the day with them at their pool, and had a blast playing, digging in the sand pit, and playing pool games. Grace even took a long nap in the sun, and Sarah and I had a blast catching up.  Justin took the RV in to have the brakes checked and did a few other “housekeeping” errands, and then met us at the pool also.

From the pool, we headed back to the Roark’s home for dinner with them and Sarah’s husband, Chris, and Kelly Campbell and her kids.  SO MUCH fun to all be together, and the kids had a massive nerf gun war in the basement and happily played Legos - our boys have been missing ours on the road!  It was such a treat to be with my college besties for the day and evening!

Yesterday, we spent the morning swimming with Michelle and Phil Harrington, and their kids, Nina and Adam.  It was so great to see all of them, and we even got to visit with Aunt Donna for a bit.  We swam and the kids rode some waterslides and had the time of their lives catching up with their second? cousins.  We have missed them all so much, and Nina is now taller than me!

We then returned to Jodi’s house in Edgewater, where she hosted a fabulous BBQ for us with Justin’s other old roommate, Michele Beach, and two of her three kids.  It was a gorgeous evening, and we had a great time christening Jodi’s new and gorgeous backyard, and the kids had fun playing with all of Jodi’s “toys.”  They LOVED Jodi, and can’t wait to see her again the next time she’s in the Bay Area.

After the BBQ, Jodi helped Justin for a few hours installing some safety harnesses for the kids in the RV, which turned out to be no small task.  We are so grateful for such amazing friends…

This morning, we woke up early to head out to Rocky Mountain National Park, safer than ever before in the RV...


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