Mount Rushmore National Monument

Mount Rushmore is a family favorite, that’s for sure.

We explored the Monument twice, once at night, and once during the day, and it was so fun to see it in all it’s glory both times.

Our first visit was in the evening, after rolling into the Black Hills from Badlands.  We pulled up with about 45 minutes to spare before the evening lighting ceremony, and whipped some roadside tacos before we headed into the Monument.  Justin, of course, made sure to bring two different kinds of hot sauce out to the curb.  #overly.

The Monument was gorgeous in the early evening, and the lighting ceremony was really special.  They had a special, patriotic reading about each of the four presidents, and a singing of the Star-Spangled Banner and Flag-folding ceremony, before the lighting of the Monument.  It was difficult to see all the details as well once it was lit, but very cool to see it bright in the sky.

In the morning, after a stay overnight in the Black Hills, we returned to Mount Rushmore.  The kids completed their Junior Ranger requirements, including drawing a picture of the Monument.

Our family walked the Presidential Trail, which brought us up closer to the Monument. 

Then, we visited the Sculptor’s Studio, where we heard a step-by-step account of how the Monument was created and constructed.  I loved that part.  Looking at the actual model created as a guide for the build, we thought it apropos that our four children were standing just below the four Presidents depicted.

Mount Rushmore, a family favorite.


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