Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

We spent most of our day today in Rocky Mountain National Park, about an hour and a half outside Denver.  Justin and I both remarked that this stop looked most familiar to us of all of the stops on our trip so far.  Because it looked so much like the Sierras, near our home, and a ton like Tahoe.

We explored the Alpine Ecosystem of the Park for a bit, completed the Kids’ Junior Ranger Books, and took in some gorgeous views of the mountains and valleys.  

Our final stop was a meadow near the Montane Region of the park where we were lucky to see a prairie dog, a bighorn sheep, and a MOOSE!!!  The kids were over the moon taking pictures of the moose, who was bathing in a small lake when we saw him.  Such a treat for all of us!

We also saw several prairie dogs, and some bighorn sheep!

Stop a the Ranger Station on our way out of the park...

From Rocky Mountain, we made the long drive to Black Hills, South Dakota. It was a long drive, with a very different landscape than we’ve seen on our trip so far - flat, green, and farmland.  We ate dinner at a funky Mexican restaurant in a VERY small town in Wyoming on our drive.

We are looking forward to exploring Windcave National Park next!


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