Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho

We spent the last few days in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho.  Neither Justin nor I had been to Idaho before, and we just loved it.

Day 1 highlights included spending the day with our dear friends, the Kahn Family.  We hiked from Galena Lodge up into the hills, and had a blast walking their dog, building "bridges" over the river with logs, picnicking in the forest, and playing with walkie-talkies.  I REVELED in talking with my dear friend along the way.  After hiking, the kids played in the RV, and we hit an early dinner in Ketchum at the Pioneer Saloon.  What fun we had, and we left quite the carnage afterward.  The kids loved the taxidermy and western decor of the restaurant, and the Idaho baked potatoes as big as our heads were out of this world!

Day 2 highlights included spending the day with our dear friends, the Lankford family.  We had a blast swimming together, picnicking on the river, riding water slides, and rock climbing.  It was SO great to see them, and we are thrilled for them on their move to Boise.  They seriously made our day by driving THREE HOURS EACH WAY to spend the day with us, and we are so grateful.

In the late afternoon, Justin's CEO coach, Cindy, and her husband, Tim, rode over on bikes to ride with us to their house for the late afternoon and evening.  Turns out their lived less than a mile from where we were staying in Ketchum.  We LOVED seeing their gorgeous home, playing in the backyard, and catching up.  The kids had a blast playing ladder ball, ping pong, and wrestling their sweet dog, D'jambe.  We also had a blast learning and playing the game "Fishbowl," which they taught us after dinner.  We are so grateful to them for their hospitality and fun.

We just loved Ketchum and Sun Valley, and are making the long trek to Priest Lake, Idaho today to rendezvous with the Kahn family for some more fun!


  1. Tim and I had so much fun having you all over for a play date and BBQ. Game night takes on a whole new level of giggles and funny moments when the gang of Gagnons are playing. We loved the energy -- a mix of gregarious, competitive, optimistic, precocious, sweet, curious, kind, humorous. It's now clear how Justin manages to stay awake for these long drives -- there's never a dull moment in that RV! I'm thrilled for your family to get this precious time together. You're proof and inspiration that you can be intentional and design something like this sabbatical even among our very busy lives, crazy world around us, and pressures of work and home.


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