Living Our Best Life In Calgary

Living Our Best Life In Calgary

Calgary was one of the stops on our trip where I planned to “wing it” with lodging.  Once Justin got wind of that, he quickly booked us a hotel room at the Sheraton…LOL.  He had done some research ahead of time and knew that the hotel had the area’s biggest indoor waterpark, and he knew that a brea from “the box” was likely to do us all well.  Me, I was looking forward to a good shower.

We arrived at the Sheraton, and began to assess what we’d need for the night, making a pile of clothes, bathing suits, and toiletries.  All of a sudden I realized that we didn’t have a suitcase or duffel to put our things in, and brought it to Justin’s attention.  “Pillowcase,” he offered, but I told him that I just couldn’t bear that.  “THE BIN,” he retorted, referencing a large tupperware bin we stow underneath the RV and use for various purposes.

The bin, it was.  We packed up our things, made our way into the Sheraton to check in, and I was literally almost peeing in my pants watching the whole thing go down.  “Yes, sir your room is ready.  Would you like a bellman to help you up with your suitcase?  I mean, with your tupperware bin?”  We will never forget that hotel check in.

The kids immediately hit the water park with us after checking in, and didn’t look back.  They rode the slides over, and over, and over, and over, racing each other, laughing their butts off.  We hit the hot tub also.

The next morning, after sleeping until 10am!!!!, they returned for more of the same.  We all had showers, some great food, and a GREAT night’s sleep and were ready to hit the road to Banff that day.

 I had gone out first thing in the morning to do some light cleaning in the RV.  I saw a note tucked in the door handle, and figured it was from someone in the parking lot, disgruntled.  I found this.  What an affirmation!

Calgary, you were just the respite these road warriors needed.  


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