Smitten With Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We all fell in love with Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park.

Our trip started out with a stop at Coulter Bay for the night, right in the heart of Grand Teton National Park.  The kids were shocked to see bear claw marks at our campsite for the night, and we had fun playing games together.

We woke up early in the morning to visit Jenny Lake, and saw some incredible views of the Tetons on our way.  At one stop, we even saw a coyote up close, and the kids loved it.

Jenny Lake was gorgeous.  We headed out for a boat ride across the lake, to the trailhead for Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.  It was a beautiful hike, with some good elevation gain, and some great views.  The falls were beautiful, and we then arrived at the top of Inspiration Point, only to immediately hear the booms of thunder and crashes of lightning.  About three minutes later, it started to rain.  The kids, especially Grace, looked frightened, urging us to head down the mountain.  I have NEVER seen my kids move quicker on a trail than they did that day, literally running down the mountain.  We arrived back at the boat dock for our shuttle ride back across the lake, only to discover that they had halted all boats until 15 minutes after the last lightning.  Luckily about 20 minutes later or so, we were on our way back in the boat, rain pelting us and causing across the rough water.  The kids proclaimed that it was “one of their favorite hikes yet” on our trip.  Surely it was one to remember.

We then headed to Jackson, Wyoming, our home for the next few nights.  Our first order of business was finding a locksmith.  You see, earlier I had broken a key while opening a cabinet under the RV, and we had no second set.  The worst part about it was that the key was the key to EIGHT of the cabinets underneath, including the one housing all of our equipment for dumping our tanks, and our tanks were FULL.  It was urgent that we figure out a way to get into the cabinets.  We found the sweetest little locksmith duo in town, the only one in town, Jim and Dave.  They SAVED us.  Turns out our key was a super unique one, but they helped us pick the locks on all the cabinets, and rig them to give us access from here on out. We are so grateful to them for their help.

Following our locks snafu, we had an absolute BLAST in town, hitting Snake River Brewing the first night for dinner and entertaining ourselves before and after our meal.

The next morning, we slept in before heading into town for some pastries and coffee.  We had a blast checking out some of the shops on the main square also.

That afternoon, we headed out on a half day whitewater rafting trip on the Snake River.  Such a blast!  Brady and Grace rode in the front, and Hayden, Quinn, Justin, and I near the middle of the raft.  The kids HOWLED going over the rapids, and often screamed, “We are going to die!”  We had a few chances to jump in the river during quieter parts of the venture, and Brady even did a flip off the front of the raft.  SO MUCH FUN.  Our favorite rapid of the day was “The Lunch Counter,” where our escapades were captured on film.

We swam in the pool that evening, and hit the hot tub before dinner.

The next day, we rode our bikes downtown, a quick ride from our RV Park, to have breakfast at The Bunnery, and then spent some time in the main square.  We then rode our bikes to Snow King Ski Resort, where we hit up the Alpine Slide and Mountain Coaster, and the kids did a huge maze.  Such good family fun.

That evening, Justin took the kids to the movies, and I did some housekeeping and restocking of food.  We played some games together before bed, so thankful for such a memorable few days in the sweetest town!
Onward to Sun Valley, Idaho!


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