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Bend, Oregon

We spent the last night of our journey in Bend, Oregon.  It was a long journey from Mount Rainier, especially with the added stop for 5 haircuts (including Justin!) along the way. We were happy to get out of Thor in downtown Bend, and had fun checking out some of the shops downtown before dinner.  Then we headed to a retro arcade for some games while we waited for our table for dinner.  We had a blast there! We had dinner at Deschutes Brewery, a local favorite, and toasted this amazing adventure, and had fun naming all of our "favorites" along the way of our journey.  After dinner, we returned to the arcade for a few more games before hitting the road to our home for the night, the Bend-Sunriver RV Park.  It was a great spot, and we'd love to return another time to hit Lassen and Crater Lake, which we had to cut from our itinerary when they pushed up the start of school by a week. I will write more later about this journey and just what thes

Mount Rainier National Park

Following our time in Olympic National Park, we traveled 4 hours to Mount Rainier National Park.  On our way, we stopped at a roadside stand for some Mexican food, like an oasis in the desert.  LOL...  We arrived at our campsite at Cougar Rock Campground, right in the park, and, while exploring our site, found this tucked into one of the logs there. Such a sweet sign for us on this journey.  Evening walk to check out our surroundings...  Games before dinner...  Heading out the next morning to explore the Paradise portion of the park...  Mount Rainier in all of its glory!  We did a hike called the "Skyline Trail," which connected to the "Upper Skyline Trail," which ran us up close and personal with Mount Rainier.  All in, we walked about 8 miles, and climbed over 1800 vertical feet.  It was touch and go at points, but all four kids did it with no assistance.  Justin and I were so incredibly proud of them, and I know they were so