Glacier National Park (Canada) and Mount Revelstoke National Park

After leaving Jasper National Park, we traveled to Glacier National Park in Canada, not to be confused with Glacier National Park in Montana, which we visited earlier this Summer.  There were several amazing glaciers on our drive, and we stopped at the visitor center first thing to check it out.  From there, we headed out on a hike to the Bottom River Loop, which ran along the old Canadian Pacific Railway.  The boys loved finding the uprights from the track along the way, and looking for the tracks buried in the dirt below our hiking trail.  It was a great hike to do with them.

From Glacier, we headed to Mount Revelstoke National Park, where we did a hike called "Trail of the Cedars," which wound through a grove of 500 year old cedars.  We're likely spoiled by the sequoias and redwoods in California, as the "wow" factor just wasn't there for us.  That being said, it was a gorgeous walk.

We then headed to our campground at Williamson's Lake, located in the town of Revelstoke and right on the lake.  The boys insisted on jumping in the lake immediately, and I enjoyed some peaceful moments lakeside watching them have fun.

The next morning, we headed to Nel's Knickers, a hike that climbed the hill of an old ski jump where Nels Nelson set a world record many years back.  It was a STEEP hike, but the views from the top where incredible, and the boys loved pretending they were world-class ski jumpers!  We hiked along another trail nearby after, and even picked and ate some wild blueberries!

That afternoon, after hitting the visitor center, we relaxed by the lake, swam, played ball and at the park, and had a couple rounds of mini golf.  It was a great evening together.

Onward to Vancouver and to meet back up with our girl!


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