Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta

We arrived in Lake Louise after our almost 45 minute drive from Banff, though the most gorgeous valley.  We knew that the Lake Louise area would be extremely crowded, so we planned to check into our campsite in the Village there, and utilize a shuttle to get us to the lake for the day.

We hit the road and arrived at Lake Louise.  It was SPECTACULAR!  Honestly, the most gorgeous lake any of us have ever seen.  Grace, however, also referred to it as “Disneyland,” as it was overrun with tourists.  We quickly made our way along the lake, adjacent to the Fairmont Chateau there, to a hike to Agnes Lake, which had been recommended.

I had read that that hike had an elevation climb of 350ft, which is why I had asked the Ranger about it.  I knew the mileage was do-able for our kids also.  Turns out I had read the Canadian pamphlet wrong, and the hike was really 350METERS of elevation.  Once we realized this, huffing and puffing about halfway up, we decided to push on.  It was touch-and-go at times, but we made it to the top.  1300 feet in elevation, and the kids all made it with no assistance.  It was the toughest hike of our trip so far.

Our hike wound through the trees with some view of Lake Louise from above.

We made our way up the trail further, stopping at Mirror Lake on the way.

Finally, we arrived at the top, at Lake Agnes.  We knew there was a teahouse at the top, and we reveled in fresh tea biscuits and chocolate chip cookies after pushing our bodies.

After hiking down (which was a BREEZE after the hike up), we enjoyed Lake Louise.  Simply STUNNING.

We BBQ-d dinner, and hit the sack early, and Justin made a killer fire that night before bed.


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