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Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park After departing Lassen, we made our way by Mount Shasta and up into Oregon, arriving fairly late in the evening.    We had reservations to stay outside the park, not wanting to risk the first-come, first-served sites within the park.    After sleeping in a little, we departed for Crater Lake, the most gorgeous drive through the forest, and arrived at the Lake midday.   Upon arrival, decided to see if we could score a campsite at the Mazama Campground in the park, knowing that, if we did, we could cancel our reservation where we had stayed the night before.    We waited in line for a bit with several others, and lucked out! After checking into our site, we headed to the rim of the Crater to check out the lake.    Our family hiked along the rim for a few miles, and then ventured up the Garfield Peak Trail which, foiling some steep inclines, gave us the most spectacular views of the lake.    And, the color!    Crater Lake is the most gorgeous