From Upper Minnesota, we traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to the town of Hancock.  Our goal was to spend a day in Isle Royale National Park, and we had to get creative several months ago to make it happen.  Usually, the only way to get to the park, an island, is by a park-run ferry boat.  However, due to COVID, the ferry boats are not running this summer.  In doing my research several months ago, I discovered that one way to get to the island is by seaplane, and the seaplanes are still running....SOOOOO, we took a seaplane to the island.  It was incredible to see the island, and even more so since we did not encounter even a single person there (aside from park staff).  The kids loved the seaplane ride (a first for all of us!), and Quinn was definitely nervous, but did great.  We hiked the Scoville Lookout Trail, and meandered along the rocky cliffs and into the forested brush.  It was spectacular!  We stripped down and jumped naked at several spots off the cliffs and into Lake Superior, drying off on the warm rocks.  In the evening, we took the seaplane back to the mainland, and swam at  our lodging before grilling dinner.  None of us will ever forget this day!

Navigator Quinn, helping on our drive...
One of the kids' requirements for continuing our trip, DAIRY QUEEN!
Exploring our campground, right on the side of the Keweenaw waterway from Lake Superior.  Gorgeous!

Target practice

Up and ready for the seaplane ride to Isle Royale!

Made it to the island about 35minutes later...

Setting off on our hike after a talk with the ranger on the island.

Our plane, ready to pick us up!

Playing back at the campground...


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