Following our time in Indiana Dunes, we drove a little over an hour to South Bend, to visit the University of Notre Dame.  WHAT A VISIT!!!!  On our way in, we stopped to see Dad's old house from Senior Year, before heading to campus.  After doing some damage at the Bookstore, we set off on our bikes to explore campus, hitting the Basilica, the Administration Building, North and South Quads, the Grotto, the Library, and Mom and Dad's old dorms.  It was SO fun to explore on bikes!  We then spent some time playing frisbee on South Quad, which was a blast, before heading to grab dinner at Eddy Street Commons outside.  After dinner, heading back to campus, we figured we'd grab a last minute chance at ANY way of parking on campus overnight.  We knew the closest RV park was a good 30 minutes away, and we hated to leave campus.  After getting the phone number to the head of parking services from a security guard, I gave him a call.  My first call went straight to his work voicemail, but for some reason I called a second time, and a man picked up.  He said he was confused as to why he was receiving a call on his personal cell at 8pm at night and I apologized profusely for bothering him, not knowing it was going to buzz through to his cell.  After several minutes of explaining the purpose for my call, telling him that both Justin and I were ND alums, and detailing our cross-country Roadtrip, he explained that, although the University does not normally allow this, he would make an exception for us and call dispatch to make sure we'd be undisturbed for the night.  WIN!!!!  We headed to our overnight spot and played frisbee on the practice field, and took a nighttime ride around campus (the kids strapped flashlights to their bikes) to see all the sights.  It was a night we will never forget.  Morning dawned and, after a trip around the lakes, we explored again on bikes.  It was truly a glorious visit to our "home away from home."

Stop at Dad's old house from Senior Year
Lin Manuel at our Happy Place

Heading off on our bikes!

Mom's old dorm...
The Grotto

Frisbee on South Quad

Our home for the night...

 Night bike ride around campus...


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