After our time in South Carolina, we decided to detour to Georgia.  I thought that I had been there before, but still can't recall if that's the case.  Regardless, the kids had never been, so we thought we'd check another state off the list for them.  We drove to Augusta, Georgia first, and tried our best to sneak a peak at Augusta National Golf Club.  Turns out they aren't fans of giant RVs driving up to a private club, so we snuck some glimpses from the road. From there, we headed to A.H. Stevens State Park, where we spent the night.  The next morning, we drove to Athens, Georgia, where we checked out the University of Georgia, got some awesome fried chicken sandwiches for lunch, and got some remedies for Justin's massive canker sore :) On our way out of Georgia, we stopped at a farm stand, Jaemor Farm, for some AWESOME Georgia peaches and peach soft serve ice cream.  We loved Georgia!!!

Fried Chicken biscuit sandwiches from "Mama's Boy" in Athens, GA
Jaemor Farms Peaches
Busted in Augusta, GA
Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA at University of Georgia
Augusta National from afar
Chilling at AH Stevens State Park for the Night...
We loved this state park...gorgeous!
Passing a chicken truck on the highway.  The kids got such a kick out of this!



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