Our last official stop before driving the rest of the way home was at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  After spending the night in Holbrook, Arizona, we woke up early to tackle the park before it got too hot.  As we arrived in the parking lot of the visitor center early that morning, a park ranger came over as we were getting out of our RV, saying, "Ummm, I think there is something wrong with your bikes on the back?" Running to the back, we came across a busted bike rack (thankfully held together by our rigging in Dallas), and three busted bikes.  We gave them a proper burial in a dumpster by the Visitor Center, and Justin disassembled my bike and his, and we stowed them under the RV for the trip home. WHAT A MORNING!  We then headed out to explore the park, and did three hikes that day - Big Logs, Blue Mesa, and the Rim Trail.  It was hot, but not as brutal as we had expected.  What a gorgeous park!  Heading out that afternoon, we then stopped at Meteor Crater National Landmark in Winslow, Arizona to see the site of the World's best preserved Meteor impact site.  Incredible!  We loved learning about it all in the museum, and the kids had a ton of questions.  From there, we drove more of Route 66, and stopped for milkshakes at the famous "Delgadillo's Snow Cap" in Seligman, Arizona, a Historic District notable for the Historic Route 66.  We then drove the rest of the way to Needles, CA (the kids cheered when we crossed into CA!), where it was a pleasant 115 degrees.  We played "colors" in the pool with the kids until 10pm, and soaked up our last night on the road.  Such a fun night together!  Then we hit the road the next morning to drive the final 8 hours back home to Alamo. 


Blue Mesa Hike

Rim Trail Hike....

Big Logs Hike

Natural Bridge

More Blue Mesa...

More Rim Trail...

Meteor Crater National Landmark. INCREDIBLE.

Delgadillo's Snow Cap on Route 66


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