We departed New Orleans with the goal of making it to Austin, Texas by dinnertime that evening.  However, about 3-4 hours into our drive, we had a tow truck come along beside us on the freeway and mouth that something was awry with one of our tires.  We immediately pulled off the freeway in Vinton, Louisiana, only to discover that we had a flat tire.  After parking at a gas station, Justin and I both spent some time on the phone with AAA and Coachmen and were able to find a repairman that could get our exact tire and come our way.  We knew it would take some time since we were in the boonies, so we made a reservation at an RV park literally a block away that had an awesome pool, so we didn't have to burn a day.  The kids had a blast swimming and playing on the two waterslides while we waited for the repair, had the tired changed, and relaxed.  We loved it so much we decided to stay for the night and make the rest of our drive to Austin the next morning.  Vinton, Louisiana, we will never forget you!


  1. So great meeting you two! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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