From Austin, we drove to Waco, Texas, and just HAD to check out Magnolia Market.  Grace and I did some damage there and got a few things for the house, a bracelet, and a lemon lavender cupcake to split that was just to die for.  We loved the girl time after all the time with the boys this summer!  We returned to the RV to a flustered Justin, who explained that we had an issue with our bike rack, and that part of the welding had come apart, and he was concerned about its sturdiness.  After rigging it for a short drive to Dallas (and picking up some BBQ at Pecan Lodge), we drove to Home Depot to fix it, after calling over 30 bike stores in Texas, finding out that NO ONE has bikes racks in store right now because of COVID.  We spent a few hours at Home Depot running in and out, and finally came up with what we thought was a great and sturdy fix.  It was HOT, and Justin was a champ.  While in Dallas, we also hit SoloStove, where we dropped off our fire pit (we purchased it when the company was first starting, and they have changed a few things on the build since then).  They gave us a new pit, some great swag, and we loved meeting the owners of this sweet company.  From there, we headed to DPHQ, Dude Perfect Headquarters, which was one of the kids' requirements for continuing our road trip.  Though we couldn't go in (I knocked on that door several times just hoping!), they got a huge kick out of seeing it in person, and seeing the dudes' cars in the parking lot.  Such a kick.  From there, we headed through Texas to Holbrook, Arizona, and stopped at Cadillac Ranch on the way.  Super cool.  We arrived at Holbrook in the early evening, and had a blast swimming before dinner.

Magnolia Market, Waco

Pecan Lodge, Dallas
Solo Stove
Home Depot

Cadillac Ranch

Swim fun...


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