After arriving home from the Virgin Islands, we began our drive from the tip of Florida.  We spent the night in Jacksonville that evening, after driving and the kids were able to do school as we did.  There were a few tense moments along the way working out the kinks of doing school from the road, but the kids were troopers and remained flexible. We arrived in Jacksonville that night and spent the night, showing the kids the movie "Selma" before bed in preparation for our day the next day. They were mesmerized.

The next morning, Justin and I woke up very early so we could get our start to Alabama to continue the learning we did this past summer with the kids about the Civil Rights Movement (they had really latched on to so much, and had also been doing some pretty hefty learning in school surrounding MLK Jr Day, which was just a few days before.  We drove through rural Southern Alabama to first explore Selma, where we arrived just in time for the kids to take their 1 1/2 hour lunch break so we could learn about Selma's history.  Starting in Selma at the National Historic Trail (also an NPS site), we visited the Brown Chapel AME Church, the starting point for the march from Selma to Montgomery, and then walked to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the site of "Bloody Sunday," and where we had a 40 minute history lesson from a local teacher whose Uncle marched with John Lewis.  This man was incredible and so smart, and shared so much history with us, and gave the kids the opportunity to ask questions.  After walking over the bridge, we drive the 50 mile route of the Selma to Montgomery March, ending in Montgomery, where we visited the Capitol Building (the end point of the march), as well as Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist  Church, where Dr. King was Pastor for 6 years, and also led the Montgomery Bus Boycott. From there, we drove to Birmingham, where we visited the 16th Street Baptist Church, and learned more about the bombing in 1963, complete with so many questions from the kids and spurring some awesome family discussions.  It was amazing that the kids were able to do an entire school day with taking these breaks along the way during their breaks/lunch/after school time, and, despite a few WiFi issues in rural Alabama, we made it happen!

That night, we hit Rodney Scott's BBQ for dinner and called it a night!

Chasing another sunset with my love driving from Miami to Jacksonville, FL, the day we flew back from the USVI's...

Watching the movie, "Selma" with the kids, in preparation for our day in Alabama the following day
Doing school on our drive from Jacksonville to Selma, Alabama...

Edmund Pettus Bridge
Brown Chapel AME Church

Our history lesson in the afternoon....

Standing on MLK Jr's "footprints"...

Montgomery, Alabama. The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, where King was pastor, and also where the Montgomery Bus Boycott was organized.
Capitol Building and end of Selma to Montgomery March

Birmingham, Alabama. The 16th Street Baptist Church.

Rodney Scott's BBQ in Birmingham

Grace and her "sweet tea" while doing choir online.


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